If you feel like you are tired, in a rut, experiencing confusion, needing self-care and/or ready to expand your spirituality, we offer custom-tailored, nature-based retreats to suit your personal needs. We offer a range of options from online consultations, 2-hour and one-day programs to multi-day retreats to help you relax, unwind, reinvigorate your mind and body, overcome difficulties and explore new possibilities. These inspirational and restorative programs help you connect with the natural world, explore inner wisdom, navigate life transitions and embody inner wisdom. During these programs we employ ancient, indigenous wisdom practices, nature ceremonies, medicine music, shamanic practices, meditation, movement and stillness to help you transform your life and maintain calm throughout your daily routine.

We offer free discovery calls for you to explore possibilities and let us know exactly how we can support your journey.



Experience inner tranquility beyond the noise of the modern world while reconnecting to the natural world and the joy of being alive.  Wild Wisdom Ka offers deeply grounded programs to help you learn and apply nature-based wisdom and practices from around the world for positive, long lasting change. These sessions are available in person or online, individually or as part of a multi-session program. These sessions offer you a deeper sense of peace and inner knowing as well as practical practices to carry with you into daily life.



These personalised sessions take you deeper into yourself and nature to connect your inner wisdom. Participate in nature ceremonies and prayers, set intentions and learn to listen and see with the heart. Rekindle your relationship with the natural world, spirit and the medicine of earth and sky. Share offerings of gratitude while discovering the simple and profound ways of creating joy, transformation, abundance and presence. Many return from their journey feeling a sense of bliss, confidence and inspired into action for what lies ahead.


MULTI-DAY RETREATS (2 or more days)

Chose one or customise one to fit your needs.

#1) Exploration: A holistic retreat focused on self-development, adventure and health. Together we create a program from practices such as yoga, breath work, meditative walks,  sound healing,  body work,  community and cultural immersion.
#2) Transformation: Are you going through personal, work or relationship stagnation; challenges or life transition? Together, we co-create an integrative, transformational retreat to help you deepen your understanding, reclaim your power and enable rapid shifts to bring about lasting change. You’ll depart this journey with an integration plan that supports you in daily life.
#3) Expansion: Support for the next stage of life and your role as a leader. Taking yourself,  your practices, business and self-actualisation to new heights as well as guidance for your journey to greater confidence, purpose and power. We address transformation of shadow, limitations and fears that have continued to hold you back from living and sharing more freely and authentically. We do this with one-to-one consultation,  group and solo ceremonies, intuitive guidance and nature quests.