Personal Sessions & Retreats

Are you looking for a dedicated one-on-one session or journey personalised especially for you?  Get away from your everyday life,  responsibilities,  relationships,  doubts and mind for just 2 hours to multiple days to come back to the true you.  We delve into your intentions,  tailor and guide you with Ancient and Indigenous wisdom from around the world. This can involve some,  all or more than the following: meditation,  mindfulness,  authentic listening and communicating, music or movement medicine, ritual and ceremony.

Retreats & One-on-one session are available in our destinations offered around the world, and in Asia through out the year, as well as online anytime. We also tailor programs for Private Groups or teams, customising our offerings for experiences based on your needs and goals. 

Take the first step with a free discovery call to explore how this can support your journey. 

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Personal Sessions ( 2 hours) 

Go beyond the noise of the mind and reconnect to the calm, aliveness and joy within and ahead.  Wild Wisdom Ka will offer you down to earth understanding and immediate application of nature-based ancient & Indigenous wisdom and practices from around the world for long lasting positive change. These sessions are available in person,  online and offered in programs. Walk away from the session with a deeper sense of knowing,  peace and positive practices you will carry into your day to day life.

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Half Day Session

Be guided to wild places for magical and meaningful experiences of depth,  tuning into your intentions,  voice and true nature.  Connect with the elements in ancient and personal ways, recharge,  feel lighter and see changes in your energy.  Kindle your relationship to nature,  to source,  to the Medicine of the Earth and Sound.  Share in gratitude and giving offerings of thanks back as simple and profound ways of bringing about greater joy,  presence, change and abundance.  Leave the journey blissed out, confident & activated for what is ahead.


MultiDay Customised Retreat of 2 or more days

Choose from 1 of the 3 options that speak to you:

Exploration: A holistic retreat curated for your self-development, adventures and health. We select together the program and practices like yoga, breath-work, meditative walks,  sound healing,  body work,  community and cultural immersions.
Transformation: Are you going through life,  work or relationship stagnation,  challenges or transition?  Wild Wisdom Ka can co-create with you an intensely transformational experience, where you reclaim your power and enable rapid shifts to take place within you that bring lasting change.  You’ll leave this journey with an integration plan and support  for your return.
Expansion:  An initiation for the next stage in your life and leadership. Taking yourself,  your practices and your self-actualization to new heights in a very short time.  We support your journeys to greater confidence, purpose and power. And the integration of shadows,  limitations, fears that are still holding  you back from being,  living,  sharing more freely and authentically.  We do this together with 1:1,  group and solo ceremonies,  rituals,  nature quest and intuitive guidance.