Our Story

We started our lives in Singapore,  adventuring through the city and neighbouring countries to jungles and mountains;  embracing multicultural life.  We immersed ourselves in travel and exploration;  absorbing Asian traditions and universal spiritual wisdom,  whilst embracing life on our own terms.  We each experienced personal, work and life situations that made us seek greater calm,  healing,  adventure and deeper meaning.  The wilds and the wisdom of nature and ancient ways came back as our answers and medicine.

Nature empowered us with monumental life upgrades including bringing us together to hold our first international retreats, collaborations with wisdom keepers and Indigenous partners and to establish Wild Wisdom Ka in 2017.  Headquartered in London,  the majority of our retreats are run in Asia,  growing in Europe and expanding to South America.

Beyond the few who run the immersions are many others we collaborate with and are grateful to.  We are part of something much larger.  Our mission bridges,  empowers and interweaves with those all over the globe,  remembering and evolving in these important times.

It is a gift to see how nature and Native Wisdom empower free spirits,  creatives,  leaders,  influencers and entrepreneurs. We are grateful to witness post-immersions, the impact on lives that multiply,  touching many others,  expanding,  unifying in all directions.  Thankful to our inner-work and work in the world,  we each play an important part in this evolving consciousness and our interconnection as a whole.

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I am in my element reconnecting myself and others to nature,  to beauty,  peace and inner power.  I felt called for years to bring people to listen and be touched by the magnificent ancient forests and wilds of the world.  From an early age I sensed the importance of Indigenous wisdom and communicated this on. In my twenties I studied and worked with Australian Aboriginal and local people and organisations that understood and honoured the Sacredness of Life,  the Earth and our Relations.

I continue to express this knowing and feel the most alive immersed in music,  dance, creativity and community,  sharing this consciousness. I follow this purpose and keep holding spaces for it.  I became a founding team member of 1 of a 100 Impact Hubs globally,  to further bridge the worlds of community,  entrepreneurship,  purpose and business.  Yet I felt trapped and disconnected to my free spirit and truly to others and the pure joy of life;  because of norms,  routines,  social expectations,  relations,  city life,  my mind and fears. To support my inner and life transitions I found answers and guidance back in nature, in self-expression and ancient wisdom. Most specifically, with ceremonies, music medicine and Vision Fast,  a right of passage in nature.

I offer these in my authentic way; co-creating and connecting people to our wholeness.  I hold immersions,  facilitator trainings,  ceremonies,  circles and get great fulfilment from one on one retreats,  sessions and mentoring. I keep co-creating a dream life and am realising visions with Wild Wisdom Ka.   
Kirsty Ka, Bali (www.kirstyka.com) 

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Louis Kereopa (Matua) is a Matapuna ( A Living Spring ). He abundantly shares wisdom and practices that honour Gaia, the creator and the elements, bringing much light and understanding to ourselves and this world. 

Matua is invited internationally to share Maori and universal wisdom for private and large public engagements. He is a Tohunga (master carver ), ancient Moteatea musician and natural spiritual counsellor.

Matua and Kirsty are attending international elders and Indigenous wisdom gatherings again this year,  from Asia to Europe and The USA. With Wild Wisdom Ka we will continue to tour, following and opening invitations to different locations, gatherings, indigenous communities, sacred sites and masterminds taking place globally. 
Matua, New Zealand  



Whilst hiking in sublime and deserted landscapes I find myself at peace,  manifesting visions for transition in the solitude and vastness of destinations.

I grew up in South East Asia, a place I still call home, it was there my passion for exploration and intentional walking became part of my integral sense of self. I spent most of my time dreaming of adventures in remote parts of the globe and gaining as much experience as I could in fields of psychology and a genuine curiosity in humanity. I soon realised that modern life and its fundamental disconnection to nature pulled me further away from what it is to ‘be’.

Hurdles throughout my journey only worked to strengthen my pull to Mother Nature, realising it was she who nurtures me and keeps me centred. Mother Nature speaks a language of her own, a language of truth. A language that facilitates perspective on all of life’s challenges.

Whilst in London I spend as much time as I can hiking and fulfilling my insatiable need for exploration and self development. I work freelance in social media marketing, as well as promoting and organising what I am passionate about; that being the chance to share the peace found in nature and wilderness through Wild Wisdom Ka retreats.
I look forward to sharing it with you too.
Laura Ives, London


I have been facilitating and holding space for others in a variety of ways over the past years. I carry the beautiful medicine of the Waters of Life, and the essence of the Great Mother.

Deeply connected to my Māori roots, I bring my rich experiences and training working with Indigenous tribes and traditional Māori healing to my work and to others.

I co-create international retreats, community circles and ceremonies. I am a Māori bodywork practitioner and provide private sessions, energetic healing and work closely with music, movement, food and essential oils for the wellness of our body, mind and spirit. My medicine is truly that of complete nourishment, whole-systems wellbeing and unconditional love.
Amanda Scully, Singapore