We all grew up in modern cultures, experiencing city life and what it had to offer. Something in our hearts called us further afield, into jungles and forests, to sit around fires and bathe in the River of Life. We all experienced personal, professional and life challenges that drove us to seek greater clarity, healing and meaning. We immersed ourselves in travel and cultural exploration, finding our way back to indigenous traditions and universal spiritual wisdom in order to understand our true selves and remember our larger purpose. The ancient ways spoke to us. Mother Nature held us and her medicine provided the answers we were seeking.

As bridges between cultures, we now facilitate international programs, retreats and collaborative gatherings with wisdomkeepers and indigenous elders from many nations. It is a gift to see how these programs, nature immersions and native wisdom teachings empower people to live more fully as free spirits, creatives, leaders, influencers and conscious entrepreneurs. We are so grateful to be able to witness people from all walks of life return home and integrate their experiences into their daily lives; how it positively effects their relationships, extends into their communities and supports humanity as a whole.

“This experience has been a real journey. I have never done this before. I would strongly recommend this amazing experience to anyone who is craving for space to listen to their own voice, who wants to reconnect to nature, led by a very delicate, real and genuine inner guide, and who is looking for more peace in general. I was able to release many burdens I had in my heart. I felt lighter and saw what matters the most to me - which is not so easy to do in our busy lives.” – Marion Guiset, France



I am in my element connecting myself and others to nature, beauty, peace and inner power. For years I’ve felt called to help people listen to and be touched by ancient forests, pure waters and the wild lands of the world. From an early age I sensed the importance of indigenous wisdom and communicated about it to others. In my twenties I studied and worked with Australian Aboriginals, local communities and organisations that dedicated themselves to the sacredness of life, the Earth and all of our relations.

In order to help bridge worlds, I decided to became a founding member at 1 of 100 global Impact Hubs focusing on the intersection of social and environmental impact, interconnected community, entrepreneurship and business. After a number of successful years, I found myself feeling limited by cultural norms, routines, social expectations, relationships and life in the city as well as my own mind and fears. I could feel the disconnection from nature, my true spirit and the pure joy of life itself. In order to support my deeper needs and life transition, I turned to nature, self-expression and ancient wisdom for guidance. Through nature-based ceremonies, music medicine and vision fasts I found many of my answers.

I now work with these modalities in my own authentic way, co-creating and helping people reconnect to their wholeness. I am very fulfilled by working with nature, elders and wisdomkeepers; offering immersive retreats, programs, nature ceremonies, facilitator trainings and one-to-one sessions.



Louis Kereopa is a Maori elder (kaumatua). He is recognised as a Matapuna (Living Spring). Matua shares his traditional wisdom and holistic practices that honour Gaia, the Creator, the elements and unconditional love. His main passion and channel for sharing is as a Tohunga Whakairo (traditional Maori master carver). He is a nature-based spiritual counsellor and mentor in various levels of spiritual and emotional guidance and healing. Matua teaches his own form of open-eyed prayer meditation called Te Rakau Rangimarie, or way of the peace stick. This prayer in movement honours the Creator, Gaia and the seven elements of nature.

As a mentor and friend to many souls, he expresses his compassion and love of mankind through guitar, drums, prayer and singing. Matua is invited to share Maori and universal wisdom at elder and indigenous wisdomkeeper gatherings around the world.



Jeffrey departed a 20-year career in media production to study holistic health and ancient wisdom practices. His mystical training and apprenticeships lead him to China, Tibet, the Himalayas, Hawai’i, Aotearoa, Native America, Amazonia and the Peruvian Andes. In 2007, Jeffrey was initiated as a celestial lineage holder in the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain Tradition.

Jeffrey bridges indigenous and modern culture, offering an integrative approach to awakening and healing based on quantum energy medicine, qigong, reiki, yoga, meditation, somatic rebalancing, sound-light therapy, gnostic philosophy and shamanic practice. He offers personal sessions, consultations, immersive programs and retreats in several countries. He is the founder of the Wisdomkeepers Project and creator of the film Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino.




Laura grew up in Southeast Asia, a place where she still feels at home and her passion for exploration and intentional travel took foot. She went on to study psychology and follow her love of adventure and curiosity for humankind. Laura realised that her modern life and its fundamental disconnection from nature pulled her further and further away from her natural state of ‘being’. Laura works freelance in social media marketing. She loves the outdoors and works to organise and promote opportunities to be in nature and share the peace she finds there.