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Join Wild Wisdom Ka, earth-music medicine wisdomkeeper Kirsty Ka and David Metcalf for an inspirational and expansive journey into the sacred lands and holistic lifeways of the Dayak Iban people of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. This eco-spiritual journey offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient culture, learn holistic wisdom, partake in meditative walks and nature quests, make ceremonial offerings, receive personal healings and deepen your understanding of how to live in the heart and closer to Mother Earth.

On October 4th we fly to Puttisibau, Indonesia­. There we will meet our Dayak guides and travel to the village of Sungai Utik. This Dayak community was recognised by the United Nations Development Programme’s Equator Prize in June of this year for their successful preservation of community forest, traditional culture and sustainable way of life. Our local guides will take us into original forests, up pristine rivers and into Lake Sentarum National Park to explore one of the most significant wetlands on the planet. This little known and rarely visited area is home to several tribal communities and renowned for its beauty, tranquility and abundant wildlife.

During our time in Kalimantan we will visit several Dayak Iban villages, sleep in traditional longhouses, share meals, listen to ancient stories, sing songs, learn about their practices and be treated like family. Throughout our journey with the Dayak people and elders will intersperse periods of reflection and time to attend to personal wellbeing. We will share universal practices, facilitate space for you to harmonise mind-body-spirit, deepen connection with inner wisdom, listen to Mother Nature and evolve personal consciousness.

On October 11th we will return home from Kalimantan with a wealth of new experience, connections, holistic practices and inspiration for life.

David has been working closely with the Dayak for many years, we have partnered up to offer another program in collaboration with indigenous communities, which blend native wisdom, shamanic-somatic healing, nature immersion, elemental ceremonies and music medicine to help people embody their true essence and find contentment in a world of constant change.

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KIRSTY KA is a keeper of earth and sound medicine, retreat facilitator and life consultant. She offers earth-based wisdom, ceremonies, nature immersion, music and holistic practices to help people empower and transform their lives, professions and relationships. Her work focuses on helping others find peace, joy, confidence and wholeness; relate to the sacredness of the Earth, daily life and all of our relations.

DAVID METCALF is a professional photographer and film producer based in Bali. He has traveled into indigenous communities on a regular basis for the past seven years and supports a number of cultural and environmental programs. He was the co-founder of the first international indigenous film festival in Bali in 2018. He has dedicated his life to helping preserve and support the wisdom and beauty of indigenous wisdom.

This program supports indigenous Dayak communities and their culture. Additionally 10% of all moneys from this trip goes directly to support indigenous preservation projects.