Corsica Yoga & Nature Retreat

10 - 14 October 2018

Granite and River.jpg

Spirit activation immersion in raw landscapes

Explore your inner-self using nature as your medicine on the Mediterranean Island of Corsica.  Get out into the wild this October on a 5 day immersion in some of Europe’s most spectacular landscapes, wild rugged mountains, walking trails, pristine rivers and beaches.

A life uplifting journey, in which we share ways and wisdom from around the world, reminding us of our greater purpose and peace within. You will discover practices that bring greater personal balance into your daily life through intentional walks, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and music medicine. Leave with your body and spirit activated to propel personal life changes.

Reconnecting to nature and Universal Earth Based Wisdom you’ll benefit from:

  • Balance and relaxation

  • A deeper sense of harmony within yourself

  • Inspiration and creative flow

  • Peace and pleasure from being less in our minds and more in the present

  • Feeling supported to reflect and act on bigger personal and life changes

  • Build confidence in yourselves out in the wilds pushing boundaries

  • Gain motivation and momentum to move on from stuck relationships, patterns or beliefs

  • Deeply connect with others in a way that is heart opening and fulfilling


Rates are 750 € all inclusive.



Wednesday 10 October 

  • Welcome circle

  • Mindful nature journey

Thursday 11 October – Saturday 13 October

  • Guided meditation, breath work, yoga practice

  • Walking journey and rituals to revitalise and reflect at majestic rivers, waterfalls or oceans

  • Lunch (fasting options also available with support)

  • Wisdom sharing and guided solo or group vision and activation in the forests and mountains

  • Music medicine and sound journeys and voice activation

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Moonlight fire circles - night celebrations

  • Guided self reflection - resting and integrating

Sunday 14 of October

  • Yoga and daily rituals for holistic wellbeing

  • Tools and integration to bring forth in your day to day life and out in the world

  • Closing ceremony

  • Lunch

  • Departure