All over the globe many are gathering to bring forth the wisdom of Earth and of Indigenous people for the future of all.
We attend, contribute and facilitate some of these powerful gatherings and celebrations, which provide you with  a unique chance to hear and exchange directly with tribe from all corners of the globe,  learning from the wisdom of elders,  Indigenous teachers and one another.


13 to the 18th December 2018

A training dedicated to those called to take their gifts and purpose work to the next level.  This is a week intensive upgrade,  going within,  building confidence,  readiness and commitment to your path and leadership.  Founded and in honour of Earth and Native Wisdom we prepare to facilitate group transformational experiences,  circles and ceremonies and carry this sacred work out in the world,  further elevating individuals and the collective.


Indigenous Celebrations
The annual coming together of Balinese,  Dayak,  Maori,  Australian Aboriginal People, and other first nation tribes people in the spirit of unity,  connection, and celebration in Bali. Three nights of dance, music, ritual and story-telling and 200 Indigenous Artists.
You can tune in and watch from anywhere in the world the past gathering that took place this May. 

Stay in touch with us to know more or join journeys to some of these Asian and Indonesian Indigenous communities in 2019.


Heart of the Earth
July 2019

This is a ceremony of healing and gratitude for mother earth and humanity.  Indigenous elders, wisdom keepers,  local and international people come to share stories,  music, dance,  cultural exchanges,  ceremonies and laughter.  During four days and three nights,  the central fire of the Kiva burns.   

We gather to awaken the roots of Unity and Give back in gratitude and love,  with the knowing that all life is one,  united in the pursuit of a more creative and connected existence on this planet.