A truly transformational experience in the most stunning nature.

      – Marren Lander, Bali

Truly empowering, connecting and expanding experience.

      – Rouzbeh Wisdom Keepers

An initiation into a deeper level of connection with Nature that empowered me in the sharing of my purpose and what it truly means to embody leadership. I emerged from the training with greater confidence and clarity to walk my path.

     – Sara McKean, France

Journeying up to the source of the river and into Nature I found grounding and expansion and came home quiet and with a profound sense of clarity.

     – Anne-Laure Herrezuelo, Singapore

After the retreat I feel like I found home. I connected with a part of me that has been disconnected since I was a child or maybe even a newborn. I feel a deep and warm reconnection with myself, my body and my spirit. Forever grateful. A heartfelt thank you.

     – Anna-Kristi, Norway

This experience has been a real journey. I have never done this before. I would strongly recommend this amazing experience to anyone who is craving for space to listen to their own voice, who wants to reconnect to nature, led by a very delicate, real and genuine inner guide, and who is looking for more peace in general. I was able to release many burdens I had in my heart. I felt lighter and saw what matters the most to me - which is not so easy to do in our busy lives.

    – Marion Guiset, France

The experience of Wild Wisdom Retreat has given me a deep realisation that Collective Consciousness is not a Philosophical concept but a Real Deal. One is transformed just by being in contact with people of evolved and evolving consciousness. Pains and fears can be erased as soon one has chosen not to hold on to them any longer. Staying a victim or being a Master's of one's life is a Conscious Choice. When the decision not to complain is made-one is granted with hightened Intuition. So really it is all about Choice, because Choice is all we have.

     Diana Salahan, New Zealand

I got a lot out of this retreat. My main intention was to be completely unhindered in the true expression of my shoulds, desires, dreams and values. I took a huge step into this. The safe space that was created to experience this and practice this was very helpful. I was also able to release a lot of pains and burdens I felt from my past and probably my ancestral lineage. Connecting with the elements helped me massively in this, to get help from their qualities and to feel them support me."

     Anna, UK